Fredo Ruthless

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Raised in Jackson, Tennessee, the up and coming rapper cut his lyrical tooth as his father began to play beats for the family to rap over in the kitchen. Fredo quickly realized that this was his gift. He began to lock himself in his closet and freestyle with an old mic and his phone. This was the start, and a fitting one at that.

Fredo Ruthless is not your average rapper, and his aggressive tales of gang violence and substance abuse are not pinings for “clout”, but rather a raw, natural expression of his life and the turmoil all around him. He is the perfect synecdoche for Nashville’s youth, and it is evident with his following. Fredo’s Soundcloud might as well be common core for MNPS, as every student who attends a Nashville public high school is well versed in the lyrics, and budding reputation of the young spitter.

At the tender age of eighteen Fredo has a lot of living left to do, but he has seen more than most could fathom in his adolescence. He saw friends killed and sent to jail during his time in Jackson, and was quickly dubbed a “Menace to Society,” by the local judge. Fredo was labeled, expected to be another statistic, and would be assumed guilty by association for the rest of his stay there, so he left. Moved to Nashville to chase his dream, which is a common theme here, but this is not the Jason Aldean “Crazy Town,” story that has cemented itself as the Nashville stereotype.

Fredo Ruthless is the streets, and his immediate success proves it. It resonates with people. He strikes a chord with Nashville listeners, not for his bars or hooks, but rather for his spotless portrayal of everyday life in the city of Nashville. Unfortunately, Fredo is currently incarcerated. We patiently await his release and continue to support him.