Lonely Girl

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Born Shaiana in Tacoma, WA, for Lonely Girl music has always been the center of her life. Growing up her dad, a local rapper in Tacoma, his brothers were always in the studio or in the house creating everything from beats to visuals. So much so, she knew she would someday do just that.


At the age of 10, when she moved to Memphis, Lonely Girl consumed herself with music and sports. She joined the basketball team and choir at Craigmont middle as soon as her family settled in. She would post videos on Facebook and everyone at school would like them, so she kept on making them and writing songs everyday after school. After graduation, Shaiana attended college for two years and dropped out because her beauty company took off and needed more attention. This income allowed Lonely to not only become her own boss but also fund her first few projects.


During the Summer of 2018, Lonely Girl met DeeMula during a recording session at one sound studios. Mula liked her recording for “No Cap” and they decided to connect so he could put a verse on the song. After the song took off, Mula invited Lonely Girl on tour with him and Moneybag Yo. That invitation led to her meeting the NLess Founders Head and Z-Bo, with their executive Kemario. A year later, NLESS offered Lonely Girl the opportunity to sign.


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