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Born Zeddrick Boyd, MUD was raised in Memphis, TN with 11 siblings. A sports fanatic from birth, MUD spent most of his time between Basketball and Football. With a large family and equally large popularity, the MuddBrudda Stamp was created with hundreds of friends from schools and extended family. It wasn’t until MUD was 17 years that his love of music was born. But when your uncle wants you to be a professional athlete despite being the CEO of NLess Entertainment, you hide it from him. Under the moniker MuddBrudda Bo, he created a group and split the $40 an hour studio fee.


Together with Ty Baby, MUD dropped a mixtape every weekend until his buzz increased. He then put together a party and staged listening events to attain feedback from everyone in his surrounding area. Integrating his music within the DJs mix so he could see what songs everyone liked. Those events quickly morphed into concerts where MUD charged other artists to open up for him.  MUD had amassed so many fans that he got the courage up to play his music for his CEO uncle. Head signed him in 12th grade and MUD never looked back. His last visual BoFlow amassed 37k views with minimal promotion. Amazing for the newcomer.


Wise beyond his years, MUD has already mastered growing a fan base and creating a stream of income via bookings. Opting to change his name to simply MUD, he is set to release his first EP under NLess in March 2020.


EP & Singles