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Christopher Pearson, known as YC, has always been musically inclined. At the age of 4, he learned to play the drums and by the age of 13, he was playing the piano. YC is one of 8 with 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Despite being the baby on his father’s side, YC has never had a relationship with him. While in High School, Chris needed a way to make money. Having such a big family, money was tight. He started deejaying and as the gigs came in, he needed a name for himself and DJ YC was born. 

  Soon after , YC developed a close friendship with Real Red. Real was a local Memphis producer at the time and when his career began to take off making beats for the likes of Keto Muney and Blocboy JB, YC became intrigued. He had always been good with instruments and he turned his focus on making beats. Then, the unthinkable happened. YC got into a serious car accident which he escaped with no broken bones. His car flipped multiples, hit 5 trees and buried him in the dirt. While healing, YC went back to making beats. He decided to post them on instagram to get attention and tagged another budding artist Dee Mula to a particular beat. Immediately, Mula replied. He loved the beat and wanted to work with YC. Together they would create “Crank Up”, which would amass 2 million views on Youtube. That relationship would introduce him to Money Bagg Yo. He produced “Pop My Shit”, “Protect the brand” and “Speak 4 Em”. 

  The CEO of NLess contacted him for a meeting and signed YC to a production deal. YC continues to work and crank out hits! He recently finished tracks on Dee Mula’s upcoming single “The Weekend” with Lil Baby set to release February 14th.